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Water Softener Financing

December 4th, 2017 | Promo

Buy Now – Pay Later

We have an unbelievable financing program for our UD-40 Water Conditioner. It’s easy to qualify financing and we have a super low 6.9% APR. With our No Down Payment offer, you can get the UD-40 installed tomorrow!

Call and ask about our Same as cash offer, too.

  • 100% Financing Available
  • No Down Payment
  • Low 6.9% APR
  • Same as Cash Available
  • Easy Qualifying

Reverse Osmosis Filter Change

May 8th, 2017 | Uncategorized

Reverse Osmosis Filter Special

New Customers Only – Service fee only $39 plus filters! Limited time only.

When was the last time you changed your reverse osmosis filters? You need to change your filters on your system at least once a year! For a limited time only, we will come out to your home, service your reverse osmosis system, and change the filters for only $39 plus filter cartridges save! Includes checking the fittings and pressurizing your storage tank!

We service most brands of reverse osmosis systems. If you are not sure what brand of filter you need, please call us.

Salt Delivery Services in Las Vegas

September 1st, 2016 | Uncategorized

Water Softener Rentals

If You Have Questions Or Would Like to Schedule Salt Delivery Request a Call Back

    Las Vegas Water Softener Salt Delivery That Is Quick, Easy and Affordable.

    At Rain of Las Vegas, we understand that picking up more salt for your water softener might not be a top priority on your to-do list. That’s why we want to make it easier for you to have soft, clean water in your home or office by offering quick and convenient salt delivery services.

    If you have a water softening system or water conditioning system in your home or office and need water softener salt, call Rain of Las Vegas at (702) 257-7873 today! We can deliver high-purity salt crystals right to your door. No more lugging the bags around the store, loading and unloading from your car, or carrying heavy salt up the stairs. Let our professional technicians do the heavy lifting for you.

    Included With Our Salt Delivery Service

    Our water softener salt delivery technicians do more than just hand you your salt. Our team can also:

    • Check the system operation and perform a free water test
    • Stack your orders wherever you need them
    • Inspect your system to make sure it’s working properly
    • Refill your water softener or conditioning system for you
    • Share tips and information on how to get the purest water in your home

    Because Las Vegas water is so hard, it’s essential to keep your water softener or water conditioner in good working order. That’s why we will always check your system to ensure you are getting the highest quality water possible.

    Is There a Water Softener Salt Delivery Service Near Me?

    If you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Paradise, North Las Vegas, Boulder City or the surrounding areas, Rain of Las Vegas has you covered! We can deliver salt for your water softener across Southern Nevada. Call (702) 257-7873 to schedule your delivery.

    Limited Time Offer—Buy 4 Bags, Get 1 FREE! Call To Learn More.

    High-Quality Salt for Your Water Softener or Water Conditioner

    We only carry high-purity salt crystals that will minimize brine tank clean-out and optimize the water softening process. Our salt has no additives and is 100% natural to help convert hard Las Vegas water to clean, refreshing and soft H2O.

    Have questions about our salt delivery service? Contact our team at (702) 213-9469 to learn more. We can tell you more about our salt, available services and share information about our custom water treatment systems.

    How Our Water Softeners and Salt Work Together

    Water softening systems use a process called “ion exchange” to remove the hardness in water. Water softeners contain resin beads, which are negatively charged using sodium ions. Calcium and magnesium both have a positive charge, so they are naturally attracted to the negative resin beads (much like magnets are attracted to opposite poles).

    As the hard water passes through the water softener, the negatively charged resin beads “catch” the positively charged minerals. As a result, clean, soft water flows into your home or office and is ready for use. During this process, the sodium ion used to charge the resin bead is released, so the resin beads must use salt to restore their positive charge.

    To do this, salt is put in the brine tank of our water softeners to help with the system’s regeneration. The tank is able to restore the resin beads’ positive charge with a highly concentrated solution of salt. This positive charge is necessary for the ion exchange process, which removes the minerals that make Las Vegas water so hard. At no time does the water in your home travel through the salt.

    Las Vegas Salt Delivery – FAQs

    How much salt do I need for my water softener or water conditioner?

    How much salt you need for your water softener depends on the volume of water usage in your home or office. The more water is being used, the more often you’ll need to replace the salt in your brine tank. Generally, a family of four will use a 50-pound bag of salt every month. Call our team at Rain of Las Vegas for a free consultation and estimate on how much salt you need for your water softener.

    How often should salt be added to a water softener brine tank?

    You should try to check your water softener’s brine tank about once a month to make sure it has enough salt. What you’re looking for is about three to four inches of salt above the water level in your brine tank. If it looks less than that or the water level is above the salt, it’s time to add salt to your brine tank.

    How do I add salt to my water softener?

    This step in water softener maintenance is easy. Just locate the brine tank where the salt is, open the lid and refill it. You will want to make sure you add the right amount and check it periodically to see if it needs to be refilled.

    Where do I buy water softener salt?

    Most major hardware stores or specialty water conditioning stores will carry water softener salts. However, you still need to physically go to the store, load the heavy bags in your car, then haul the salt to your water softener. If you’re wondering where to buy water softener salt near me, Rain of Las Vegas offers convenient delivery of salt for your water softener and will bring it right to your home or office.

    What happens if my water softener runs out of salt?

    If your water softener runs out of salt, you’ll notice the effects of hard water coming back to your water supply. This may include white mineral buildup on your faucets and fixtures, soap scum in bathtubs and sinks, streaks left on your glassware and dishes, soap that doesn’t lather as well, and dry skin or hair. Once you refill your brine tank with salt, the resin beads will recharge and the water softening process will resume.

    How do I remove salt from softened water?

    Although the amount of sodium that enters the water from a water softening system is minimal and cannot be tasted, some people still want to know how to remove salt from softened water. The easiest way to do this is with a reverse osmosis filtration system. This type of water purification process will remove salts, along with other contaminants, chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

    Do you offer salt delivery near me?

    Rain of Las Vegas delivers water softening salt to all parts of the valley, including Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Paradise, North Las Vegas and Boulder City. If you’re unsure, just give us a call!

    Whole House Water Conditioning Systems in Las Vegas

    July 11th, 2016 | Promo

    BUNDLE & SAVE! Our whole house system includes our UD-40 water conditioner, 4 stage Reverse Osmosis and 150 pounds of salt to get you started. This will give you soft – filtered – conditioned water for you entire home. It also includes one of the best reverses osmosis systems free and installed under your kitchen sink. This gives you great tasting healthy drinking water. That’s a $600 value!!

    Although tap water might seem clean, there are harmful chemicals, excess minerals, and dangerous pollutants that might be present that can be concerning for Las Vegas residents. We know how important fresh, clean water is to you and your family. That’s why Rain Water offers comprehensive water filtration solutions for on-demand purified water straight from the tap for the whole house.

    To learn more about our Las Vegas water conditioning systems, contact our team at (702) 257-7873 for a free consultation and estimate!

    What Is a Water Conditioning System?

    Rain of Las Vegas water conditioning systems are our customized water treatments that softens hard water, remove harmful contaminants and provide clean, drinkable water throughout the whole house. The process is quick and easy, using filtration methods like carbon filters, water softeners and reverse osmosis, to purify your water.

    Depending on your water source, municipal water often contains chemicals, minerals, heavy metals and other pollutants that could be harmful. After the hard Las Vegas tap water runs through our water conditioning system, you’ll be left with great-tasting, odor-free, silky-smooth water that’s safe for you and your family.

    All our house water filter systems are built locally in our shop, so we can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products. Because they are on-demand systems, they are able to regenerate only as needed and you’ll never have to worry about low flow rates or water pressure with our full 1” ported control valve with the highest flow rates in the industry.

    Best Water Conditioning System for the Whole Home – The Quad 80

    The Quad 80 is the best water conditioning system from Rain of Las Vegas! This system provides soft, clean, conditioned water any time of day or night for the whole house. You will never run out of soft-filtered water with this heavy-duty system. Unlike other water conditioners, it never reverts to hard water bypass during regeneration, which means you always have conditioned water on demand. The Quad 80 is a dual alternating water conditioning system.

    Our Quad 80 water conditioner offers:

    • Full 10-Year Warranty on Component Parts
    • Softened, Chlorine-Free, Chemical-Free, Filtered Water
    • Whole House System
    • On-Demand Regeneration
    • 1″ Manifold

    With Rain Water Conditioning, you also get:

    • Free haul away of any old systems
    • No Lemon Policy
    • FREE installation with existing loop & drain connection
    • Reverse Osmosis system connected to ice maker (If plumbed from under the kitchen sink)
    • Granite countertop mount for spigot (Finish to match your main faucet at no extra charge)

    The Quad 80 Conditioner is an on-demand full house water softener-filter system, so it only regenerates when it is needed. No time clocks, no drops in water pressure, and no compromised water flow rates. With tank on tank technology to separate ion exchange & filtering medias.

    Call Rain Water Conditioning of Las Vegas at (702) 257-7873 for a free estimate on water conditioning system installation.

    Why Work With Rain of Las Vegas?

    Rain Water Conditioning of Las Vegas customizes water conditioning systems specifically to deal with the hard municipal water in Las Vegas to make it clean and drinkable. Rain of Las Vegas takes pride in holding a long-standing tradition of excellence and quality. With over 75 years of combined experience, we ensure you drink the purest water with our best-in-class home water purification systems.

    At Rain of Las Vegas, we provide a generous warranty, our exclusive “Lemon Policy” and outstanding customer service. We believe everybody should have access to healthy, purified drinking water, so we make it easy and accessible.

    Drink pure and live healthy with Rain of Las Vegas! We service the entire valley area, including Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Paradise, and North Las Vegas. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

    Water Conditioning Systems in Las Vegas – FAQs

    What is the best water filtration system for home use?

    The Quad 80 is the ideal water filtration system for large families and households in Las Vegas, with separate media tanks for higher flow rates and soft/chlorine-free showers. Also, get great-tasting water straight from every tap in the house. If you’re still wondering what is the best water purification system for your home, call our team today to learn more!

    How do home water softener systems work?

    Converting hard water to soft water is done through “ion exchange” and is part of the water conditioning process. The particles in water that cause it to be “hard” are positively charged. Once the water runs through our Rain Water system, millions of negatively charged sites remove the calcium, iron, and magnesium that make your water hard. This process is part of our water conditioning system.

    When should I get a home water conditioning system?

    If you notice a bad smell or taste in your water, tap water seems cloudy or discolored, a crusty white buildup on your plumbing fixtures or streaks on your dishes after washing, it’s time to get a water filtration system for your home. You may also notice dry skin or hair when your water is not as pure as it could be. The water conditioners at Rain of Las Vegas work to purify unsafe tap water and soften hard water, so you get clean water from every tap in your home.

    How often should I replace filters?

    The Rain of Las Vegas water conditioner has a filter that removes easily and only needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on the volume of water usage. Rain of Las Vegas offers reminder calls to our customers to let them know when it’s time to replace their old filter, so you don’t have to worry about missing it! You can have our experienced technicians change the filter for you by making a quick appointment.

    Can you share how to install a home water filtration system?

    Installing a home water filtration system yourself can be tricky. There are a lot of necessary steps and parts to go into it, including the installation of pre-filters and connecting to the main water supply before your water heater. You’ll also need to confirm that your home is ready and can fit the specs of the system you choose.

    If you’re handy with DIY projects, you may be able to successfully install the system. However, professional installation is often available with the purchase of a home water filtration system.

    Is a home water filtration system worth it?

    Although there is a cost associated with a water filtration system upfront, the benefits and savings will far outweigh that in the end. You won’t have to keep buying expensive bottled water or have to use more detergent and soap because of hard water. Providing clean drinking water that is free of chemicals and toxins is so important for your overall health. A whole house water conditioning system can help ensure you have the safest water for you and your family.

    How much is a home water conditioning system?

    If you’re ready to invest in a home water conditioner, we’ve got the best systems in Las Vegas. Contact our team today to learn about our water purification systems and pricing! We offer free consultations and estimates.

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    Water Softener Repairs – ANY BRAND

    July 11th, 2016 | Uncategorized

    No Fix – No Charge

    For the Month of November only, we will be offering a “no fix – no charge” water softener repair and service. If we cannot fix your softener, conditioner or reverse osmosis, there is no charge! This includes all brands.

    Water Softener Repairs Las Vegas

    Rain of Las Vegas ™ is one of the few companies in Las Vegas that will repair ANY BRAND of water softener, water conditioner or reverse osmosis system. Most people do not know very much about their water conditioning system, so it’s a good idea to call Rain of Las Vegas.

    • Filter Changes
    • Hard Water
    • Foul Tasting Water
    • Water Leaks
    • Low Pressure
    • System Not Working

    Rain of Las Vegas ™ Charges a flat fee for a service call of only $64 plus any parts that are needed. We are also a GE factory authorized service for GE Smartwater products. Rain of Las Vegas ™ Also provides 24 hour emergency service calls.

    Offer expires 6-30-2020. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.

    Water Conditioner VS Water Softener

    June 11th, 2016 | Promo

    What is the difference between a water softener and a water conditioner?

    When it comes to treating your water for your home, most people think of “water softeners” for residential water treatment. However, there is more to water treatment than water softeners. Your other option is a water conditioner.

    There are technical differences between water softeners and water conditioners. There are even quite a few differences between different brands of water softeners and water conditioners as well.

    Water softeners do mostly one thing and that is soften your water. A water softener will give your water a silky smooth feeling. The soft water is better for washing clothes, dishes, taking showers, cleaning and is overall more pleasant. It is definitely better than the hard water in Las Vegas & Henderson.

    Our Water Conditioner was specially designed for the bad water in Las Vegas. Our conditioner does everything a water softener does and it removes chemicals like chlorine. So you get soft water and healthier water with a conditioner!

    If you have more questions or would like to know more about our options give us a call.