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Every home in the United States could and should use some sort of water cleansing system before using household water to wash or drink. Often, the water that is filtered and cleaned in mass quantities has higher levels of calcium or chlorine than we’d like to drink. Also, sediment from the pipes that carry the water can contaminate what comes into our homes. 

Sometimes it’s simply the water table for the region you live in that creates a need for a water system in your home. This is commonly through a water filtration or water softening system. You may wonder which is right for you. Ask yourself, why wouldn’t I want to use both if they help to purify my water?

In many situations, you could use both water softeners and filters together. Let’s take a look at what each setup offers and determine if a combination home water softener and filtration system is right for you.  

What is water softening?

Have you ever noticed a white buildup on any of the taps in your home? Maybe it’s lingering on the tea or coffee pot? If so, you may have hard water. Hard water is commonly associated with large traces of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. 

These elements make it difficult for your cleaning products and soaps to lather. They also are attributed to the white crust that builds up in areas where water leaves the pipes. To correct this issue, a water softener is used.

Through a process known as ion exchange, a water-softening system removes the excess calcium and magnesium. Water travels into a mineral tank, where the ion exchange takes place. Once it has removed the particles, water that has been “softened” flows to the rest of your home. 

What is water filtration?

Every time you go on vacation, does your significant other ask, “Is the water safe to drink?” Do you then test the tap or check for a filtered pitcher in the fridge? A lot of this mindset stems from the need to have filtered water. 

Contaminants that make it into our homes can give the water an unpleasant taste or smell. Water filtration systems are designed to physically block these particles from entering your home. It can be something as simple as a pitcher, refrigerator system, or a more advanced whole-home setup.

The option you select is determined by the quality of the system and what you are trying to filter out. Some complex systems require several stages of filtration and are looking to filter a mass amount of water. Where the system is installed will also impact whether it affects all of your water or just your drinking water.   

Water Filter vs. Softener

You are probably curious about the difference between water softeners and filters. At their core, both systems cleanse your water. However, there are some subtle variations between the two. Some of the significant differences would be:

Water Filter Water Softener
A lot of variation in scope of filters Only designed to treat hard water
Targets chlorine, bacteria, sediment, and other particles that impact taste and odor Targets magnesium and calcium removal 
Can be installed to impact all water entering a home but does not have to be Impacts all water entering a home
Can have complex or simple filtration systems, depending on setup Goes through the process of “ion exchange”

The concept to remember is that when comparing the two, it isn’t water filter vs. softener. In some situations, you might want to look into a 2-in-1 water softener and filter because your answer might be both. Having the right system in place will ensure you have the water you want.  

Why would you want to use both?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to install both a softener and a filter. It might stem from a need to treat your hard water and improve the overall quality of what is dispersed in your home. You might want to get ahead of changes that are coming to your supply of water.  

Whatever the reason, having the right system in place is critical to making this easy and effective. Water softener and filter systems are ideal for areas of the country like Las Vegas that experience hard water issues but are also impacted by high amounts of chlorine in their public systems. 

Installation and Implementation 

There are probably several questions buzzing in your head. Do I need a water softener if I have a whole house filter? What are the advantages of a home water softener and filter system? For these and other questions, contact your local professional to help you better understand how to improve the quality of your water. 

A professional can guide you through the process of selecting a high-quality setup, like the water softener and filter system or another 2-in-1 softener and filter. They can also help you schedule services to install the system that is right for your home. 

Don’t suffer through hard or foul-tasting water any longer. Schedule your free estimate today

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