What is the difference between a water softener and a water conditioner?

When it comes to treating your water for your home, most people think of “water softeners” for residential water treatment. However, there is more to water treatment than water softeners. Your other option is a water conditioner.

There are technical differences between water softeners and water conditioners. There are even quite a few differences between different brands of water softeners and water conditioners as well.

Water softeners do mostly one thing and that is soften your water. A water softener will give your water a silky smooth feeling. The soft water is better for washing clothes, dishes, taking showers, cleaning and is overall more pleasant. It is definitely better than the hard water in Las Vegas & Henderson.

Our Water Conditioner was specially designed for the bad water in Las Vegas. Our conditioner does everything a water softener does and it removes chemicals like chlorine. So you get soft water and healthier water with a conditioner!

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