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Here in Southern Nevada, we have to deal with hard water as well as concerns over the quality of city water. When you want the best quality water for your Las Vegas home, it is essential to learn more about the differences regarding distilled vs. purified water and spring water vs. purified water. 

What is distilled water?

Distilled water has minerals and impurities removed from it using distillation processes. These processes involve boiling regular water and turning it into steam. The steam is then collected and cooled in a different container. As it turns back into water, the minerals and impurities in the regular water remain in the original container. 

Can you drink distilled water?

While distilled water is more often used in steam irons, automobiles, and medical equipment, it is also perfectly healthy to drink. Many people find the taste of distilled water very bland because all the minerals have been removed. Is distilled water safe to drink, though? Absolutely.

If you store distilled water for drinking purposes, you should keep it in a glass container. Distilled water can leach minerals from various substances. For example, if distilled water is stored in plastic jugs, it will leach trace amounts of minerals from the plastic. 

What is purified water?

Purified water is regular water from which impurities and dangerous minerals like lead have been removed. However, unlike distilled water, which removes all minerals, purified water can still contain calcium and other beneficial minerals the body needs. 

Enjoy purified water at home whenever you want with a water purification system in Las Vegas. Contact us for a free water evaluation and quote today. 

Is purified water the same as distilled water?

Technically, distilled water is the same as purified water because it has had impurities removed. Purified water, however, is not the same as distilled water. Purified water is not usually boiled. Instead, it is put through a series of stages that filter and disinfect the water using several methods, such as:

  • Deionization
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Micro Filtration
  • Ozonation

What is spring water?

Spring water is water found in underground springs. The water is considered purified, as it must travel through different layers of earth – including clay, limestone, and sandstone – to reach the surface. These layers help remove some impurities from the water. 

However, spring water can still contain various types of minerals. As a result, the EPA has established testing and safety standards to ensure spring water is safe to drink. 

Spring Water vs. Purified Water

The bottled water market continues to grow at a steady pace. According to Statista, in 2020, 15 billion gallons of bottled water were sold in the United States. However, as awareness about the environment increases, along with concern over all those plastic bottles used to bottle spring water, many people are discovering the benefits of purified water and home water purification systems. 

What are the benefits of a water purification system?

  • Better for the Environment – As reported by EarthDay.org, about 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased every year. You can do your part for the environment with a water purification system and reusable water bottles. 
  • Saves Money – Investing in a water purification system will save you money in the long term because you no longer need to purchase bottled water. You can get all the filtered pure water you need right from the tap in your home.
  • Reliable Water Quality – Your home water purification system provides access to clean, safe water. With bottled water, the quality between brands is not always reliable or consistent. 
  • Convenience – You have access to an endless supply of purified water simply by turning on the tap in your house. You never have to leave home to get water again. 

Stop hurting the environment and wasting money on bottled water. Get a water purification system for your home in Las Vegas by contacting us today. 

Is a water purification system the same as a water filtration system?

Most people use the terms “water purification system” and “water filtration system” interchangeably. However, there is a difference between purified water and filtered water. A water filtration system uses specialized filters to make safe drinking water. Whereas a water purification system does the same, it also uses other processes to further purify the water, such as reverse osmosis. You get the best-tasting water with a purification system. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Purification System in Las Vegas

Now that you know the differences among distilled water, purified water, spring water, and filtered water, you can start enjoying the benefits of purified water anytime you want with a home purification system from Rain Water Conditioning of Las Vegas. Contact us today to find out what type of system is best for your house. 


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