When it comes to pure, clean drinking water for your home and family, Rain of Las Vegas has you covered. We know our products inside and out and let their quality and efficiency speak for themselves. From water softeners to reverse osmosis filtration systems, you can trust that Rain of Las Vegas will always deliver on its promise.

No Commissions Mean More Saving For You

Rain Water Conditioning is known from coast to coast as the only water treatment dealer that operates without commissioned salespeople. That means you never have to deal with pushy sales representatives trying to get you to buy more than you actually need. Every team member at Rain of Las Vegas has no hidden agenda beyond helping you find the best water filtration or conditioning system that works best for you.

For other water treatment companies, salespeople will take a significant percentage of the sale as their commission, and their inflated prices reflect that. Because commissions don’t apply at Rain of Las Vegas, our prices are always realistic and fair, and those savings are passed on to our customers.

No Long In-Home Presentations

Our goal is to make purified water accessible to all Las Vegas residents. A big part of that is developing and manufacturing high-quality filtration and water conditioning systems that work AND last. In other words, we don’t need to hide behind flashy or long technical presentations. We can quickly explain the function, benefits, and important points about our products either in our stores or over the phone.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our water softeners, reverse osmosis water filters, or complete water conditioning systems, our team is ready to help! Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions without ever stepping foot in your home or making you feel pressured to purchase our products.

Family-Owned For Decades

For over 30 years, Rain Water Conditioning of Las Vegas has been owned and operated by the same family. The pride we feel for our products and the passion we have to provide purified water to Southern Nevada drive everything we do. We have several generations of our family working within the company to produce quality water treatment products you can trust.

We are also active community members who give back whenever we can. In fact, we donate $25 to the Nevada SPCA for every system we sell! You won’t find this kind of commitment from big corporate stores. We support Las Vegas and are proud to call it our home.

Unrivaled Warranties and Lemon Policy

Another thing you won’t find with any of our competitors is our excellent product warranty offerings and lemon policy. With all of our new water treatments systems and products, we include a 10-year parts warranty, 1-year service warranty and our unbeaten lemon policy. That means if there is a problem with your system or equipment and we cannot repair it after 2 attempts, we will completely replace it at absolutely NO cost to you.

We’re proud to say that in more than 30 years of service, we have only had to replace two systems! So, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best water treatment products on the market and are covered if anything goes wrong. That’s how much we trust our systems and technicians.

See the Difference For Yourself!

If you’re ready to get the purest water at a fair price from water conditioning experts, contact the team at Rain of Las Vegas today!

We always follow through on our promise to provide you with the highest-quality products and excellent service in your Las Vegas home or office.

Call us at (702) 213-9469 now to schedule a free consultation.



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