Questions about Water Conditioning?

Questions about Water Conditioning?

If you have water conditioning questions, we have the answer. Rain of Las Vegas is here to assist you in finding the right solution for your water treatment system concerns or questions. Do you think your tap water is good enough without a water softening system? Do you want to know how many impurities are in your drinking water? Or maybe you just want to be able to calculate just how much you can gain with a Rain home water filtration system? Whatever the question, Rain has the solution. Keep reading to find answers to these questions and more, and find out why business and home water treatment systems from Rain are right for you.

How long has Rain Water been in business?

Rain Water has be manufacturing and installing water treatment systems since 1995.

How much does a water conditioner cost?

It depends on what your needs are; drinking water, soft water, conditioned water, etc… The price depends on how big of a system you need, how much water you will be using and how big your home is. Installation may vary and this could change the price. We offer free over the phone information and estimates.

Isn’t city and most well water good enough without a Rain Water conditioning system?

That depends on your standards of “good enough.” Most communities meet Primary Drinking Water Standards as established by the EPA. But your water can still contain impurities you can’t taste or smell – impurities that can be potentially harmful. Rain Water can take good water and turn it into great tasting healthy water that meets much stricter standards.

My city water test fine at the source. Why should I worry?

In the time that the water leaves the plant and arrives at your home, it can pick up substances that become a part of the water you receive. Sediment and odors can also join the mixture. A Rain Water home water filtration system provides a highly effective barrier against these pollutants.

How does a Rain Water softening system remove hardness?

Hardness is removed by a process called “ion exchange.” Hardness-causing particles and debris are positively charged. The water runs through Rain Water’s resin system, which has millions of negatively charged sites. As the water flows past these sites, calcium, iron and magnesium attach to the sites and are “bumped off.”

How much sodium will be in my Rain Water?

Very little, thanks to Rain Water patented regeneration system. In most cases, you’ll find less sodium in a glass of Rain Water than in a slice of white bread. If your doctor recommends a sodium-free diet, Rain Water’s reverse osmosis water system can reduce the total sodium content to near zero.

Is activated carbon a safe method of filtration for drinking water?

Yes. Activated carbon filtration is recommended by the EPA for use in municipal water treatment plants.

How can I calculate the return on my investment?

Calculate this. With a Rain Water home water treatment system you won’t have to buy or lug expensive bottled water. You’ll use less soaps, shampoos, detergents and household cleaners. Clothes will look brighter, whiter and wear better. And because most mineral deposits are filtered out, your expensive appliances will last longer. Best of all, your family’s overall quality of life will be improved – That is something that you really can’t put a price on.

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