Your skin is a vital part of your body. It’s remarkable because it holds all the pieces of your body together while being flexible enough to allow you to move and strong enough to shield you from germs and harmful elements. It’s your largest organ, helps control your body temperature, and prevents infections and illness. 

Effective skin care significantly impacts your well-being, which is why you must protect your skin from hard water.

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Does hard water dry your skin?

Water picks up minerals as it travels. Hard water has high levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium. While magnesium and calcium are essential minerals the human body needs, your diet is the best way to get these minerals. Using hard water exposes your skin to these dissolved minerals, making it hard to remove all the soap when you’re washing.

Symptoms from using hard water include dry skin. Dry skin affects your appearance and health. It’s flaky, tight, and itchy, which causes discomfort. You may have an unhealthy skin tone and cracked skin that bleeds, which might lead you to see a doctor to treat these and other symptoms of dry skin.

Is hard water bad for your skin?

The hard water in Las Vegas can have severe effects on your skin. Hard water causes buildup in your hair and skin and clogs your pores. Your pores are essential because they allow your body to expel oils. Clogged pores can cause acne which, without proper treatment and skin maintenance, can become infected

When hard water causes dry skin, it also increases your risk of other skin conditions, such as eczema. Prolonged issues with dry skin can also age your skin faster, making you look older than you are.

The effects of hard water have the potential to go beyond harming your skin. If using hard water causes acne, it can affect your mental health as well.

How do you shower with hard water?

Salt used to softenwater in someone's hands

Showering dries out your skin, and showering with hard water makes things even worse. If you must shower with hard water, limit yourself to one shower daily and keep your showers to ten minutes or less. You can also reduce the effects of hard water by using soap-free cleansers. 

Although implementing strategies to reduce the effects of hard water can help, showering with soft water is the best way to protect your skin. 

Some people are fortunate and don’t show all the signs of hard water use that affect others. You may also be moving and wonder if the water conditioning system in your new home softens the water. Talking to a water system expert is a great way to confirm whether your home has hard or soft water. You can also look for signs in your home, such as hard water build-up in toilets and damaged appliances. Symptoms of hard water include corrosion, blocked pipes, and poor water pressure.

How do you turn hard water into soft water?

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Las Vegas uses a hard water system that delivers hard water to homes. With a water conditioning system, you can turn your Las Vegas hard water into soft water. Installing a water conditioning system offers multiple advantages:

  • Convenience: Every tap in your home will deliver soft, chlorine-free water
  • Efficiency: You won’t have to boil water before use to soften it
  • System-wide: Delivers soft water to any appliances connected to your plumbing system, including your ice maker and dishwasher


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