Toilet in bathroom

There are many clear signs of hard water in your home, but a less obvious one is spending more on repairs and home care each year. Read on to learn about the impact of hard water on annual maintenance costs and how to rectify this issue.

Water Heater

Water heaters can seriously drive up your monthly utility bills, especially if they don’t perform efficiently. Hard water in the home can cause buildups of minerals that create a solid film inside your water heater. This film can seriously hinder your water heater’s effectiveness, causing it to consume more significant amounts of power. As for maintenance, fixing a dramatically clogged water heater is extremely expensive and quite the headache. As you already must flush a heater each year, you don’t want to spend even more money removing mineral deposits.


Your home appliances are perhaps the most vulnerable to hard water. Due to their complexity and design, these appliances are not objects you want to repair throughout the year. Similar to water heater problems, mineral deposits can affect the performance of your dishwasher, sinks, washing machine, and any other appliances that require water. The layer of film that hard water leaves behind can damage soap dispensers and pipes and even weaken water pressure.


The average lifespan of a toilet is just under seven years—with hard water, that number drops to two! These mineral deposits and calcium and magnesium film layers cause blockages in a toilet’s drain pipes and slow water flow. Slow water flow leads to more clogs and worse performance. When left alone, hard water can also corrode the components found in your tank.

There’s no reason to spend more money on house care than necessary. While the impact of hard water on your annual maintenance costs is immense, there are easy solutions to help your yearly budget. Water softeners and conditioners work to eliminate hard water and ensure your appliances perform efficiently for many years to come. We at Rain Water LV are among the best water treatment company Las Vegas has to offer. Contact our friendly team today!

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